52 Squared is a long-term visual conversation between two artists. 2012 will be third year of the project.

The weekly posts contain two images, one from each artist, selected without consultation, but responding in some way to the previous week's juxtaposition. The name in 'posted by' just indicates which artist was first to put up their image that week, normally on a Thursday.

Each year the artists swap sides to shake things up, so the order goes like this:
2012 Angie on the left, June on the right.
2011 June on the left, Angie on the right.
2010 Angie on the left, June on the right.

There is a major change in 2012 - No photography (other than as the means of transfer) instead the images will come from drawing, printmaking or any other medium that feels right. This represents a new challenge for the artists who have got used to finding a weekly photograph. Signing up for 52 drawings etc involves a far greater commitment so only time will tell if they can keep it going...

Angie Rogers & June Russell have been living parallel lives for some time. Both studied English at the University of Leeds during the late seventies, at the same time, on the same course, without ever coming into contact.

Both moved to Yorkshire in the eighties, Angie from Birmingham and June from Liverpool.
Over the next 15 years, both held down rent-paying jobs, whilst harbouring a desire to work as visual artists. During this time, both became autodidact printmakers.

In 1998, they finally met on the Bradford MA Printmaking course and discovered a shared visual interest in location and memory, land and city, the natural and the industrial, printmaking, process and series.