7 October 2010



  1. Are you sure you haven't got access to my sketchbook! Now I know its more than mere coincidence.

    Clarification for any of our blog followers: I met up with June for lunch today for only the second time this year and she mentioned that she was going to post an image from Hackfall tonight, but I had no idea what it would be. On the train back from Leeds I was thinking about my own Hackfall sketches and straight away this one came to mind. Now I originated this image in 1997 and that was before I'd ever set eyes on June. Our good friend Janis was lunching with us today and can confirm this is not a put up job.

  2. Confirmation that all this did take place as specified - weird and strange - You did know that you were both posting the same subject matter and June did mention the stone building but in relation to my Hackfall etching which is in fact Fisher Hall and not this building at all, but the images are reflections of each other - extraordinary

  3. Yes, I was wondering about the reflection aspect, my drawing must have been taken from the opposite side to June's photo. Interesting how all 3 of us printmakers have been drawn to Hackfall. When I went there it was a bleak and desolate January day, and everything completely overgrown and mysterious.